e l e m e n t s‘ started out as a mix vehicle for interesting sounds. Primarily Jazz/Jazz-ish in nature (ether-jazz), but also for bridging the gap(s) between Jazz, Ambient & Classical music (or near-music).
Enter Heiner Goebbels ‘Stifters Dinge‘, released on ECM (2007), around which this two-part mix is wrapped. Dubbed, among other descriptives, a ‘sound installation’, the title for the mix was birthed…incorporating cGoebbels works along with other machinations.
Sounds, tones, noises, voices and texts converge in one of Heiner Goebbels’ most remarkable acoustic creations. Is it a composition, environment, installation or sound sculpture on the grand scale?
In the liner notes to the present CD, Wolfgang Sandner observes, “‘Stifters Dinge’ is the work of an extraordinary human imagination … Simply by listening one can move around the work and experience it from all sides, as if it were a sculpture by Michelangelo or Rodin. Is there such a thing as three-dimensional music? Could there be? If so,
‘Stifters Dinge’ would belong in this utopian category.”
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